Mixed Media Artist — Image, Text, and Code. Redesign of After Reading.

Nearly one year after launching the After Reading series, I have learned important lessons about myself, my project and its delivery. Thank you to readers who have helped me reflect on this. You know who you are.

I am a mixed media artist, mixing image and text and code. I have split my content into three channels and sub-sites:

IMAGE. In 2018 my first priority will be visual imagery, with an eye to the After Reading end-product, a graphic novel.  IMAGE is now the site for all my visual work.

TEXT. In 2018 I will finish the last chapter of After Reading Part 1, “Books.” Once the visual imagery is on track, I will begin Part 2, “The Internet.” All the essays are at the TEXT site.

CODE.  Phaedrus, my chatbot, is a clear example of how I mix image, text, and code. A much enhanced version of Phaedrus will be released in 2018. Updates will be posted at the CODE site.

This newsletter has been published at the HOME site. I will continue to publish a monthly newsletter, highlighting updates for the three sub-sites. There is a SUBSCRIBE box on the About page. I encourage you to subscribe. It is the best way to stay connected with my news and the project.

Thank you. Your interest keeps me charged 🙂

Thanks, John
Ask me anything john.miedema@gmail.com