Geese Sanctuary Painting featured on Battlemoose Music Track

This month’s best:


My dear friend, Marcel, aka Battlemoose, is a creator of ambient music, the kind that helps me sleep peacefully. I have witnessed how he records sounds from his environment, then weaves them into a narrative with electronic music. I am very honored to have my recent painting, Geese Sanctuary, above, used as a cover image for his latest track, Canada Geese.

I painted Gatineau River Sunrise.

I have also been working through a drawing instruction book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. The left brain is specialized in verbal tasks; it is analytical, logical, temporal, and linear. The right brain is better at visual tasks such as drawing, enlisting spatial and relational skills. Edwards offers techniques that encourage right brain engagement, such as drawing upside down. Examples: Spiderman, The Knight Before Christmas.


A BOOKS sub-site has been added as an extension to the TEXT channel. The BOOKS site will feature quotes and reviews of books that I am reading, mostly as research for the After Reading series. Those of you who have followed me in the past know that I have been writing book reviews for years. I uploaded 85 of these past reviews, and then added three new ones.

I will not always be writing my usual four paragraph reviews. The three news ones summarize the books with selected quotes.

Enlightenment: Behind the Scenes, by Marc Leavitt “In one moment, all seeking dropped away and has never returned. From that moment on, I not only lost interest in reading, but in meditation as well.”

Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal “’When a man knows he is to be hanged in the morning,’ Samuel Johnson once remarked, ‘it concentrates his mind wonderfully.’”

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence, by Esther Perel “You’re no longer a known entity that I need not bother being curious about. In fact, you’re quite a mystery.”


I am quietly working away on version 4 of Phaedrus, my chatbot. I am going down to “bare metal,” focusing on a Cognitive Application Architecture, something I have been cooking part-time for three years. More to come later.

Mixed Media Artist — Image, Text, and Code. Redesign of After Reading.

Nearly one year after launching the After Reading series, I have learned important lessons about myself, my project and its delivery. Thank you to readers who have helped me reflect on this. You know who you are.

I am a mixed media artist, mixing image and text and code. I have split my content into three channels and sub-sites:

IMAGE. In 2018 my first priority will be visual imagery, with an eye to the After Reading end-product, a graphic novel.  IMAGE is now the site for all my visual work.

TEXT. In 2018 I will finish the last chapter of After Reading Part 1, “Books.” Once the visual imagery is on track, I will begin Part 2, “The Internet.” All the essays are at the TEXT site.

CODE.  Phaedrus, my chatbot, is a clear example of how I mix image, text, and code. A much enhanced version of Phaedrus will be released in 2018. Updates will be posted at the CODE site.

This newsletter has been published at the HOME site. I will continue to publish a monthly newsletter, highlighting updates for the three sub-sites. There is a SUBSCRIBE box on the About page. I encourage you to subscribe. It is the best way to stay connected with my news and the project.

Thank you. Your interest keeps me charged 🙂

Thanks, John
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